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The Drinks

Independents get our vote every time. The brilliant craft brewers at Wild Horse in Llandudno, the artisan bean roasters at Zealots near Mold and boutique distillers Penderyn and Aber Falls, round the corner and down the road respectively. Wines come from further afield, but are still the fruits of small, independent producers with a singular obsession with quality and character.

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Quality, character, value for money. Independently produced, diligently sourced, personally curated. Adventurous, distinctive and satisfying. And no mickey-taking mark-ups.

Next Door has the best wine list in North Wales. Probably. Which is a bold claim, but one based on years of extensive, exhaustive and enthusiastic sampling. We've picked the brains and plundered the cellars of the best independent suppliers across the country and we reckon we're now storming the gates of oenological heaven. Or are we getting a bit carried away there?

Wine List